Chorus for the Product Team: Voice of the Customer On-Demand

February 28, 2018

Shawn Parrotte

As a product manager, it has been incredibly valuable to be able to immediately access the voice of the customer using Chorus.

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Last week I was working on a new feature; I started by using Chorus to search hundreds of recorded meetings with our prospects and customers for mentions of keywords and phrases that might indicate the feature or topic was discussed. In less than an hour, I filled three pages of notes with concrete examples of customer requests, feedback and prioritization, all with links directly to the audio where it was discussed!

In some cases, customers or prospects proactively brought up ideas and suggested specific components that they would want to see in a new feature. In other cases, our sales or customer success team members mentioned new features and I was able to listen to (and, in some cases, watch) how the customer reacted to and prioritized the idea within the context of their own use case. Having immediate access to these moments provides an immensely valuable starting point for a feature. We also use them later in the process to share the voice of the customer directly with our development team, providing them with much-needed context.

To build great products, it is critical to anchor design and prioritization with concrete customer use cases and examples. Traditionally, doing so means setting up customer interviews and shadowing sales calls, typically casting a wide net and often spending hours of time for a handful of valuable nuggets. All too often, time pressure causes this step to be skipped completely, with product managers instead outlining customer needs based on their own knowledge and experience from customer-facing teams within their organization.

Chorus allows our product team to capture customer needs on a completely different scale, without having to start from a blank page. It acts as a search engine into the voice of our customers, rapidly accelerating the process of gathering concrete examples and ensuring that we are building the most valuable product for our customers.

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