Plan, Implement & Measure Your Sales Enablement Programs with Chorus’ Coaching Initiatives

May 23, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

Here’s a familiar scene from a fast-growing company near you:

The sales managers tell Bob, the Sales Enablement Manager, that they feel their reps aren’t really handling pricing discussions well. So Bob organizes a rep training session along with product managers, product marketing, and sales leaders.

That’s that. Then life goes on. And the reps go back to selling.

And then in a few weeks, the cycle repeats. Except for this time, the problem area is “discovery”.

CSO Insights suggests 59% companies have a Sales Enablement function. At the time of writing this blog, there were 8,969 sales enablement jobs open on LinkedIn. So businesses have clearly embraced the need for this function.

However, reports also suggest 70% of enablement programs do not meet expectations and only 9% of companies actually have a charter. The likes of Bob mostly build their enablement programs based on hearsay or high-pitched training demands and have very little to go by when measuring the impact of their work.

And then one day, the CRO calls for a meeting with the subject line “Enablement Strategy”. As everyone trudges into the room, they’re all thinking about different things.

“Bob’s costing me as much as two reps. I need him to get this enablement piece sorted out quickly.” — The CRO

“My reps are no fools. They just need more content and more training from Bob.” — The Manager

“Don’t know what this meeting is about. I’m already doing all I can.” — Bob

So how do you make this situation better for everyone in the room? And most importantly, how do you ensure that reps are truly enabled through coaching and content?

If I could summarize the top 3 things that could make Sales Enablement successful (and as a result, every rep successful as well), they would be the ability to:

  1. Run multiple coaching initiatives based on actual problem areas / strategic initiatives
  2. Implement feedback loops at the most granular levels where reps learn from their managers, peers and on their own (apart from enablement sessions)
  3. Measure the efficacy of these programs using actual numbers

Now you can do all this and more — inside Chorus!

Today we're excited to announce the launch of our Coaching Programs feature.

Your favorite Conversation Intelligence platform is also your go-to sales coaching and enablement platform!

Here’s how:

Step One: Build Your Curriculum #

Sales enablement can test a hypothesis (like the one managers bring to Bob’s attention in the example above) by listening to actual calls and what reps or prospects say. They can also look at trends across conversations e.g. how much are we discounting, how does it impact our win rates, and who are the top discounters.

5 23 19 plan implement measure 01

Step Two: Set Up Relevant Coaching Initiatives #

Launch as many initiatives as you need. Explain the need and the goal behind the initiative and then create a completely custom scorecard for the initiative. This will ensure that your managers are also accountable for tracking how reps are doing on the goals of that specific initiative.

5 23 19 plan implement measure 02

Once your initiative is set up in Chorus, you’re all set to make it work. You can assign initiatives to specific teams e.g. if you have an initiative “SDR Cold Call Coaching”, then you might want to assign it only to your SDR team.

Step Three: Evangelize the Program with Help from Chorus’ AI #

Once you assign the initiative to a team, the team managers get email notifications on calls they should be reviewing. Chorus’ AI automatically identifies the top or most important calls the managers need to be reviewing.

5 23 19 plan implement measure 04

Also, any time managers are in Chorus’s brand new “Coaching” tab, they will be recommended calls they can review under any initiative.

As a best practice, have each manager review at least 2 calls per week.

Step Four: Track Rep Progress and Measure Program Effectiveness #

Chorus’ Coaching Dashboards show you how your enablement program is performing. Reps can track their scores across time and focus on improving areas where they end up scoring low.

5 23 19 plan implement measure 03

Enablement managers can see how the overall score for their program is trending over time, set and achieve goals for their programs and establish the value they deliver to the business.

5 23 19 plan implement measure 05

The dashboards can also identify managers who need reminders to score their reps’ calls as well as who the top scoring reps are. Consider rewarding the top-rated rep and even play a couple of top-rated calls during a team meeting.

If you're a rep, a sales manager, an enablement manager, or a VP of Sales, what are you waiting for? You have to try this right away!

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