Say ‘Hi’ to the Most Accurate Call Transcription Software on the Market

August 30, 2022

Katie Huyett

We’ve all been there: asking your phone or smart speaker to set a reminder, schedule a meeting, or take down an urgent message, only to find that the translation was not quite right. Close, but not close enough — and eventually, it’s easier to just do it yourself.

In your personal life, those tech mistakes can be annoying (or even infuriating). When you’re using voice recognition to hit your number, every little mistake drains not only your patience, but your bottom line.

Thankfully, sales teams that use Chorus can rest a little easier. With our investments in data quality — and the 14 patents powering our technology — we’re delivering the most accurate call transcription of any Revenue Intelligence solution on the market, a whopping 25% more accurate than the nearest competitor.

When Chorus was first developed, the idea was simple: Stop taking so many notes during calls and focus on the person in front of you without the lingering distraction of wondering, “what did they just say?”

Today, reliable transcription during critical sales calls means much more. With the best transcription accuracy on the market, Chorus customers can rely on:

    • Faster call reviews and deal follow-ups, with real-time transcription delivered in minutes.
    • Quicker mitigation of deal risks, with contextual trackers that fuel proactive recommendations.
    • State-of-the-art contact identification and speaker separation, including speakers in the same room.
    • Better coaching and peer learning, with snippets of winning talk tracks shared in real time.

The accuracy of speech recognition algorithms is often measured by word error rate (WER), which gauges how often the words interpreted by software deviate from known text.

When we evaluate the quality of Chorus’ call transcription software, we start with calls from actual deals that our team has closed and compare those to a human-written transcript that we know are 100% accurate.

Chorus has trained our call transcription software models on over 60 million hours of business and sales conversations using our own custom language models for the most accurate results. We also compare our calls to a sampling of competitor calls — and we consistently average a 25% better WER than our closest competitor.

Other providers with less accurate transcripts can make it difficult to:

  • Understand which competitors are being mentioned and why
  • Distinguish between a question and a statement, which complicates planning for next steps
  • Learn vernacular specific to your company and apply it in the correct context

The best part? Conversation Intelligence technology is constantly changing and improving. Virtual assistants in the consumer tech world aren’t even teenagers yet, and there will be a lot of awkwardness ahead as they continue to grow and develop.

At Chorus, we’ve developed call transcription software that’s grown up and ready to work. And we’re just getting started.

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