Best of 2019: Chorus Product Updates

December 19, 2019

Sara Howshar

2019 has been an amazing year at Chorus! We couldn't have achieved the same growth and success without all of our customers - both new and existing. Thank you for bringing us into 2020 better than ever.

Thank you for spending 2019 with us. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work together, and we look forward to continuing to help grow in 2020!

Here are 10 of our favorite things that we built with your support this year. If you haven’t tried all of them, I’d really, really encourage you to give it a shot to start 2020 (and SKO season) off right!

1. Coaching Initiatives - We built a robust sales coaching tool inside of Chorus, complete with scorecards that track progress over time, manager coaching behavior tracking, rep self-coaching metrics, recommendations of top-scoring calls to listen to, and more.

We knew that having just a simple scorecard inside Chorus wasn’t going to be enough and wanted to drive real coaching behavior and impact. So, If you still haven’t launched an initiative in Chorus, do one today!

Coaching Initiatives Skill Coaching

Coaching Initiatives

Deal hub deal recommendations 2x

2. Recommendations - Revenue leaders and frontline managers are busy people. We want to ensure they don’t have to spend hours inside Chorus looking for the right things to focus on. So we use AI to understand what’s important for them and highlight BOTH deals that seem risky/important and meetings that have coaching potential. Save time by using Recommendations in your email or on the top of your home screen in Chorus.

Mobile call activity at a glance 2x
Smart Playlists in the Chorus Mobile App

3. Mobile app with Smart Playlists - The Chorus product team wanted to ensure that everyone gets the most value out of their Chorus mobile app - managers can help rescue a deal and reps can walk into their next meeting prepped for success.

To do this we launched two features at the same time - Smart Playlists where our AI automatically curates the most important calls to listen to. And the Chorus mobile app allows you to review key moments from your phone anywhere you may be - taking the train, on a treadmill, or waiting at the dentist’s office.

When combined, these two powerful features deliver the moments you care about the most in your phone so you can review key moments as soon as possible, from anywhere.

Zoom screenshare MOBILE 2x

4. Native Zoom Integration - Zoom has been an amazing customer and partner for us in 2019. We worked closely with their product and engineering team to leverage their native video streaming capability to directly drive HD video to Chorus for transcription and analytics.

You no longer need to explain to customers why a Chorus bot joins your meeting as an extra attendee! Everyone hears the clear Zoom recording notification, and with one click, you can stop the recording. Together, we help ensure compliance.

5. Rep Self-Learning - The most successful salespeople spend time honing their craft. Leveraging this strength, we built more features that enable reps to take charge of their own destiny and pipeline. Reps can see how well they perform on individual calls, and access metrics across all of their calls from the Coaching page. Within a Coaching Initiative, they also get recommendations of high-scoring calls to listen to.

Coaching measure impact 2x

6. Cold Call Central - The revenue team consists of more than just closers, so we’ve been delivering role-specific features. After the enablement-focused Coaching Initiative and manager-focused Recommendations, we built the industry-first SDR-focused dashboard: Cold Call Central.

This customizable view shows the latest connected calls along with AI-based Smart Call Dispositions that automatically surfaces if the call went to voicemail, a phone tree or a gatekeeper. For managers of SDRs and full-cycle reps, this is a great way to strategize on connect rates, check for the quality of qualification, and coach the reps on the right talk tracks.

Sdr teams cold call central 2x

7. Roles & Permissions - Some of our relatively larger clients have always wanted role and team-based permissions and data visibility in the platform. We’re so excited to be able to deliver this in December! You can also create trackers by teams, leave private comments, or make recordings private. Ask your Chorus CSM about these features today!

Roles permissions personalize 2x

8. Benchmarks - Revenue teams are competitive by nature and you’ve asked for the ability to benchmark your team against peer companies. We delivered benchmarks tailored for your ACV (average contract value) and sales cycle in the “State of Conversation Intelligence 2020” report.

If you still haven’t tried it, use the interactive site to fill out your own metrics and download the custom Google Slides deck at the end. You can take this deck directly to your next team meeting or SKO and talk strategies for 2020.

State of Conversation Intelligence Report

9. All integrations - We delivered on a range of integrations throughout the year to ensure we covered all major video platforms, voice dialers, CRM and sales engagement platforms. Have you checked out our long list of integrations? If we’re missing any piece of your tech stack, connect them to Chorus today.

10. Resources - Getting the big changes and improvements promised with any addition to your tech stack is no simple task. To help, we invested in educational resources to make sure you get the most value from your partnership with us.

We developed several best practices and other resources based on the experiences of our team and our customers. My favorites were "How to Run a Film Review" and "What is Conversation Intelligence". Both are full of useful tips and tricks on using Chorus to achieve your goals.

Of course, there are hundreds of other smaller improvements in the product and through our content. If you have feedback on any of them (or have a wish list of things you want us to do next year), feel free to write to me on LinkedIn.

I’m thankful to our hundreds of customers for their partnership and I look forward to winning 2020 with hundreds of new revenue teams adopting Chorus’s revolutionary technology.

Happy Holidays!

Dominik Facher
VP of Product,

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