Announcing Chorus Recommendations: Translating Conversation Intelligence Data Into Deal Visibility and Coaching Action Items

August 22, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

Chorus’s Conversation Intelligence AI brings deal and coaching visibility to your sales teams. We’re taking it to the next level: Using AI to recommend what you should prioritize in your 1:1s, training curriculums, and self-coaching sessions.

Let’s take this from the top.

Lizzie is a frontline manager on her company’s mid-market sales team. She reports to Karen, VP of Sales.

In a recent 1-on-1, Lizzie and Karen discussed what could make or break their next few quarters - as well as their long-term growth strategy.

They hit on two stand-out action items:

  1. Stay on top of our deals and forecast.
    1. How do we know which deals are important to our quarter?
    2. Where do we miss prospects’ risk language to our reps’ happy ears?
  2. Coach reps to become high performers.
    1. How do we know who needs more help from leadership?
    2. What should we coach them on?
    3. What does “good” look like?

Lizzie agrees these are critical to the teams’ success. But here’s where Lizzie’s in a tizzy. When will either Lizzie or Karen make this happen?

Where do sales managers and leaders find the time to forecast deals and coach reps? #

As managers and leaders who are booked in back-to-back internal and client meetings, they have a couple of hours per week left for coaching and deep deal reviews.

What’s the best use for those few hours?

This is where your tech stack can help. #

Sales conversations hold a lot of great information: What works, what doesn’t work, where reps can do better, what signs does the prospect show, etc.

When mined properly, conversation intelligence can get you great insights that lead to great results.

Analytics identify skill development 2x

You could simply use conversation intelligence platforms as a great data store with some bright and fancy analytics.

Or, you can use conversation intelligence as it’s intended: To go above and (way) beyond; helping busy sales managers and leaders translate this data into tactical recommendations.

We vote for the latter.

Introducing Chorus Recommendations #

Say hello to our latest AI-based feature, Recommendations.

You turn to Yelp to decide where to go for dinner and to Expedia for where to stay on your trip - shouldn’t technologies tell you where your time is best spent?

We think so.

When Lizzie logs into Chorus, she automatically sees highlights on the top of her page telling her what to focus on in her limited time.

Coaching measure impact 2x

Lizzie and Karen can quickly choose to review a deal or coach a rep on a recent conversation.

(These recommendations are available through Chorus and also via email.)

By clicking on any tile, these sales leaders can:

  • Review a 30-60 minute call in under 10 minutes by listening to the key moments
  • Leave timestamped comments for the rep or score the call using a relevant scorecard
  • Tag other people (enablement, marketing, PM) who can help the rep
Call recording snippets 2x

When you have only a few hours a week to dedicate to rep coaching or deal deep-dives, Chorus’s AI will help you make the biggest impact in a short time.

Chorus Recommendations For Sales Leaders and Sales Managers: #

Leverage Chorus Recommendations to review the 10-15 most important calls of the week:

  • Run a quick 30-min deal or forecast review by looking at the most critical d eals recommended by Chorus and listening to the Risk or Next Steps moments identified by our AI
  • Spend an hour a week on personalized coaching by listening to key calls surfaced by Chorus for you to score and provide feedback on. In 60 minutes you can potentially coach on about 10 different meetings from 5-10 reps.

Chorus Recommendations for Everyone #

The VPs and Managers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Chorus’s AI Recommendations. No matter what your role is on the sales team, Chorus’s AI helps you be more productive with your time and a more effective sales professional.

Chorus Recommendations For Enablement #

  • Create AI-informed training and enablement curriculums in Coaching Initiatives using AI-identified low-scoring areas
  • Add AI-recommended top-scoring calls to playlists for team film review sessions
Sales enablement curriculum 2x

Chorus Recommendations For Reps #

  • Perfect your talk tracks and engaging moments. Chorus Recommendations tell you how you’re doing on key conversation metrics. It will tell you if you needed to create more “next steps” or ask more “engaging questions”.
  • Create effective follow-up emails with recommended next steps in the “call summary” Chorus sends as soon as your call ends.
Analytics identify skill development 2xl

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