A Day in the Life of Tammie Presser — VP, Customer Success, Chorus.ai

August 14, 2019

Skee-Ball, Anyone? The “Typically Atypical” Days of Chorus.ai’s Customer Success VP, Tammie Presser

Tammie Presser talks with her hands — a lot. It’s a family trait, according to this first-generation Californian of Mexican and Cuban heritage.

“I grew up in a quirky, fun and loud family who loved to talk over each other,” she says. “They all figured if they used their hands and spoke louder and faster [in Spanish], they could dominate the conversation!”

Through that experience, Tammie also learned the art of listening — after all, not everyone can dominate a conversation at once.

That talent, combined with her love for helping people solve problems, has served Tammie well through her somewhat unexpected career track in technology. And it brought her to her latest role, which she assumed in July 2019: Vice President of Customer Success at Chorus.ai.

Finding a Career Path at the Intersection of Technology and People #

While earning a B.S. degree in international relations at Stanford University in the 1990s, Tammie had a front-row seat to the rise of the internet economy. She decided to follow many of her friends and “jump into the deep” to find out what working in tech was all about.

“My early jobs in tech were in client services and account management, helping sales teams and customers figure out how to place banner ads on websites,” she explains. It’s through this experience that she learned how much she liked working with customers and helping solve their problems.

Fast-forward to today — after formative stints at tech giants like Adobe and AOL — Tammie is leading a fast-growing team of customer success pros at Chorus.ai. She says of her new job, “My days are as atypical as they come, but in a good, typical kind of way, if that makes sense?”

Tammie presser feature

Here’s a Look at Tammie’s “Typically Atypical” Workdays: #

Morning – at home #

Tammie greets the day early, with lots of music and caffeine to get her revved up and ready for work. “Maybe I’m listening to something new on Spotify or my old 80s stuff,” says Tammie. “And while I’m getting myself together, I have my espresso machine making my double-shot, which I must have before I leave the apartment!”

Morning – at the office #

When Tammie arrives at work around 8 or 8:30 a.m., she usually heads straight into a meeting with other leaders at Chorus.ai. “We talk about priorities we need to focus on and how we can support each other and our teams. We also discuss how every team can ensure the customer experiences a “wow moment ” throughout each touchpoint across their entire lifecycle with Chorus.” Tammie’s focus is to make sure customers feel excited about every interaction they have with the Chorus team and products.

Afternoon – at the office #

The afternoons are when Tammie likes to dig into using Chorus.ai to listen to customers’ feedback, identify customer themes to monitor and uncover new use cases for the solution. “The Chorus.ai platform is so important to my everyday work”.

She adds that she started putting customer insights from Chorus.ai to use with her team almost immediately. “I’m really focused on proactive behavior and getting my team to be even more thoughtful about what we need to do next to help our customers succeed,” she says. “It is important we help our customer champions look like heroes within their own organizations.”

Tammie also uses Chorus.ai to assess how effective her team is at supporting customer success. “I’m always looking at ways to help them improve,” she says. “Of course, I also give them props when they get a shout-out. I love it when customers say they are getting so much value from our team, and tell us they think we’re giving them fantastic help.”

One of the biggest benefits of using Chorus.ai, is being able to listen to calls when it fits best into her busy and varying work schedule. “I don't have the time nor bandwidth to physically attend every call,” she says. “I can just listen to the recording later, and pull out the highlights I need. It’s a huge timesaver and it ensures I never miss a beat.”

Evening #

By 6:30 p.m., Tammie is winding down her workday. But before leaving the office, she writes down pertinent notes from the day and creates a to-do list for the next day. She also takes care of any necessary follow-ups with colleagues or customers.

Tammie’s ready to roll — literally — at least one night each week. “I’m part of a weekly Skee-Ball league which is really competitive, but so much fun!” she says. Other nights, Tammie likes to head home for a glass of wine and some Netflix or meet up with friends for dinner.

One thing Tammie tries not to do during her evenings? Yell and talk over people. "I spend all day speaking with customers and team members, so at night, I have a hankering to just sit back and listen."

We hope you enjoyed this “day in the life” spotlight featuring our new VP of Customer Success, Tammie Presser! Expect to see more posts like this in the future. We’ll introduce you not only to more Chorus.ai team members, but also, some of the amazing people who work in various functions at the diverse companies we support. We want these stories to inspire you, help you build your knowledge, and learn about the many ways that people are using our platform, every day, to gain insights and drive individual and team performance. So, stay tuned!

Sophie Cheng, Director of Customer Marketing for Chorus.ai, is an internationally experienced Marketing Professional. Having worked in a variety of markets and industries including Automotive, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Healthcare and Tech, the one constant is her passion for creating customer value. When she's not at work her life revolves around good food and wine, traveling the world, and spending time with her family and friends.

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