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ZoomInfo acquires Chorus.ai to bring intelligence to your most important conversations.

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Up Before the Sun: How TapClicks’ Anthony Conrad Finds His Focus in the Quiet Hours

November 22, 2019

Author John Grisham doesn’t know it, but his legal thrillers — like The Firm and The Pelican Brief — were very influential in fueling Anthony Conrad’s journey to sales leadership. “I grew up reading Grisham’s novels, and I dreamed of becoming a criminal defense attorney so I could help people,” says Anthony. “But when I realized how many years of school I’d need, I decided it didn’t sound like fun!”

Helping people remained a high priority for Anthony, though. So, while attending Campbell University in North Carolina, where he earned both his BBA and MBA, he focused on learning applied economics and consumer behavior so he could better understand people and their needs. After graduation, Anthony took a job in telesales, launching a sales career that took him from the mountains of Bogotá to the streets of Shanghai. After several years abroad, Anthony returned to the United States, taking on his new role as Director of Sales Operations at the marketing technology company, TapClicks.

“I cut my teeth in that telesales job, handling everything from cold calls to customer service calls,” says Anthony. “And ever since, I’ve been on a path of continuous learning in sales.”

Inspiring Self-Reflection on Sales Performance #

At TapClicks, Anthony oversees a team that is distributed across offices in San Jose (TapClicks’ headquarters), Nashville, and Boston; Montreal, Canada; and Bogota, Colombia. Anthony, who works at the Boston office, is responsible not only for driving sales operations at TapClicks, but also, managing the sales organization’s tech stack to ensure “we properly utilize it to achieve the results we want.”

Anthony says the Chorus.ai conversation intelligence platform is central to that tech stack and is playing a vital role in helping him to build a coaching culture at TapClicks. “It isn’t an easy task,” Anthony admits. “But one strategy I’ve used to help the process is to ask my team members to critique my calls in Chorus.ai. I’ll put them in the hot seat and say, ‘Go ahead, tear up my call. I really want you to do this — trust me.’ That’s helped to encourage both peer and individual call reviews and grow our coaching culture.”

So, how does Anthony manage team members across time zones and foster a coaching culture while also managing his other key responsibilities — and making room for some personal time? One secret: He’s very early to rise.

Here’s a Look at a Typical Workday for Anthony: #

Morning: Anthony usually starts his day at around 4:30 a.m. “I’ve always been an early bird,” he says. “But I don’t like to jump into things immediately. I like to ease into the day, and really appreciate having the early, quiet hours of the day for some ‘me time.’” That said, easing into the day for Anthony includes exercise, like his regular kettlebell routine. He’s also learning yoga — albeit slowly. “Some people think yoga is easy. It is not,” Anthony says, laughing.

After his workout, Anthony focuses on writing, which includes outlining and clarifying his top goals for the day. “One of my favorite books is The Sacred 6 by [motivational keynote speaker] JB Glossinger,” says Anthony, who follows the author’s advice for designing an action plan for his daily routine. And once he has centered on the six things that he’d like to accomplish during the day, Anthony heads off to work.

Anthony’s commute is short: about a five-minute drive. He moved from Bogata to Boston to join TapClicks, and because he didn’t know the area well, rented an apartment close to the office. And it was a good decision, he says: “I love driving to work, through the quaint, New England streets during the quiet hours of the morning. It’s especially beautiful right now during the fall.”

By about 6 a.m., Anthony is at his desk at TapClicks, firing up his computer and preparing to check in with external clients in Australia and the EMEA countries, as well as with his teammates in Europe. Anthony says he likes to reach out to these contacts during their afternoon hours when they are winding down their workday and have more time to talk.

“After those calls, I start digging into my morning meetings and doing call reviews in Chorus.ai,” Anthony says. “I’ll review my own calls as well as my team members’ calls. Chorus.ai helps me remember key details from my calls. It’s the best personal assistant I’ve ever had!”

Afternoon: When the lunch hour rolls around, Anthony makes a point to close his computer and turn off his phone so he can briefly unplug. “I used to be bad about working through lunch,” he says. “Finally, I forced myself to take lunch or at least a quick walk, so that I don’t burn out.”

Post-lunch, it’s usually demo time for Anthony. Or, he’s reaching out to colleagues on the West Coast. Around 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, Anthony will assemble his team at the Boston office for a “debrief.” He explains, “We’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly from the day and what we’re planning for tomorrow. We also talk about what’s bothering us. I always try to dedicate time to addressing issues before people go home so we can leave our ‘baggage’ at the office.”

Evening: By 5 p.m., Anthony is either leaving the office or preparing to. Once he’s at home, he might do a bit more work but shuts down by 7 p.m., at the latest. He then spends time connecting with his family and friends by phone or online. His highest priority call is to his wife, who is still living in Bogata with the couple’s pets, while she goes through the U.S. Visa application process. “I’m a bachelor right now,” Anthony says with a sigh. The one silver lining? Anthony has a lot of time for reading and writing at the end of the workday. “I will reflect on the day, address those reflections, and then lay out my plan of attack for tomorrow,” he says.

And before the sun rises on the next day, you can be sure that Anthony will be up, already setting that plan in motion.

We hope you enjoyed this “day in the life” spotlight featuring one of our amazing customers! Be on the lookout for more of these posts, which are meant to inspire you, help you build your knowledge, and learn about the many ways that people are using the Chorus.ai platform, every day, to gain insights and drive individual and team performance.

Author: Sophie Cheng, Director of Customer Marketing for Chorus.ai, is an internationally experienced Marketing Professional. Having worked in a variety of markets and industries including Automotive, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Healthcare and Tech, the one constant is her passion for creating customer value. When she's not at work her life revolves around good food and wine, traveling the world, and spending time with her family and friends.

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