A Twist of Fate That Ignited a Hot Career: How AdRoll’s Jake Kanatsiz-Rohan Discovered His Passion for Sales

October 18, 2019

A Day in the Life of Jake Kanatsiz-Rohan - Senior Mid Market Account Executive at AdRoll

Working in sales can be very intense. But when sales pro Jake Kanatsiz-Rohan was growing up, he had a very different intense career path in mind: firefighting. “I wanted to be one of the ‘hotshots’ — the firefighters who are flown in to combat wild forest fires,” he says. But when Jake was 18, his plans changed dramatically — and not by choice.

Just two weeks before he was to start his freshman year at college, he had a climbing accident and broke both of his heels. “It was rough,” Jake recalls. “I was in a wheelchair for six months and had to do a lot of physical therapy after that.”

He also had to defer his first year of college — but didn’t want to spend all of his recovery time sitting around. So, Jake, who was living in Ogden, Utah, at the time, decided to take a sales job at his childhood ski resort. “I was calling local businesses to sell them season passes for their employees,” he says. “That’s how my whole selling career started. I learned I have a knack for sales, and that I really enjoy talking to people.”

Taking to the road — which eventually led to NYC #

Once Jake could walk again, he hit the road as a door-to-door salesperson, selling solar energy solutions. About a year later, he heard about and applied for an account executive opportunity with a sales and marketing services provider in Ogden. The decision proved to be a wise move for Jake, as it eventually led to his current role: Senior Mid Market Account Executive at AdRoll. AdRoll is a business unit of marketing technology company NextRoll, Inc., and a growth marketing platform for ambitious direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands.

Jake was first hired by AdRoll as a Small Business Account Executive in 2018, after he’d been working for the company for about 10 months as a third-party resource helping to support the company’s SMB sales efforts.

Fast-forward to mid-2019, when Jake is offered his current job, along with the chance to move to New York City. “I jumped at the opportunity,” he says, although he regrets leaving behind his beloved German Shepherd, Dakota, who is currently being cared for by family members.

As Senior Mid Market Account Executive at AdRoll, Jake says that he is “responsible for reaching out to customers in the mid-market range not yet working with AdRoll, onboarding them and, hopefully, turning them into long-term customers.” Here’s a look at a typical workday for Jake, who is a very motivated — and super-organized! — sales pro:

Morning – home, subway, gym: #

Jake wakes up at 5:30 a.m. on most mornings. While he says he hates getting up so early, he needs that first 30 minutes of the day to get dressed and caffeinated before heading to the gym — with his pre-packed gym bag in tow.

On the subway ride to the gym, Jake starts ramping up his brain for the day: “I either use a brain teaser app that runs math problems, or I’m on the Chorus.ai app listening to calls from the day before. That really helps me get my head in the zone.”

At the gym, Jake works out for about an hour and a half, then has a quick shower before walking to the AdRoll office, which is right nearby.

Morning – at the office: #

By 8 a.m., Jake is having a post-workout breakfast—usually a protein shake and a couple of hard boiled eggs. He’s also catching up with his teammates at AdRoll and making sure that his computer is charged up for the day. Then, he starts reviewing the to-dos on his color-coded calendar. He organizes his calendar every Sunday evening around his core objectives for the week — from setting X number of appointments to nurturing specific deals to scheduling ample time for cold calls.

“I like to plan out every single element of my day,” Jake says, adding that he spends about 15-20 minutes every morning refining his calendar for the day ahead. He devotes about the same amount of time to reviewing emails and Slack notifications, with a goal of starting the day at “inbox zero” and “Slack zero.” He says, “It’s a quick win that feels good.”

From there, Jake launches straight into a busy morning of making cold calls or sending emails to prospects. “SDR tasks are usually what I tackle first, because they are more turnkey and formulaic.” he says.

Afternoon – at the office: #

After lunch, which is usually spent outdoors, Jake focuses on checking off the remaining to-dos on his calendar and working toward “zero” again in his email inbox and Slack. He also listens to calls in Chorus.ai, which he considers his “music” while at the office.

“I’ve been using Chorus.ai for a few years now, and I think it’s a huge reason why I was able to move up as quickly as I did at AdRoll,” Jake says. “Listening to team calls helped me with my transition from an SMB-focused position to a mid-market-focused role.”

In the off-hours: #

Jake loves staying active — and his calendar is always booked well beyond the workday hours. If he’s not engaged in a personal development project or writing and optimizing a new sales sequence, he’s out and about in the community, engaging in activities like rock climbing, running, or volunteering. On the weekends, Jake says he likes to take to the road on his motorcycle, often heading to a local campsite to take a quick break from the big city life that he is still adapting to—but learning to love.

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