7 Signs You Should Invest in Sales Enablement Today

January 10, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

2019 is the year of consistency selling. That’s because many sales leaders are struggling to help their teams stand out in crowded markets and sell complex new products to prospects who only listen to organizations that provide value through things like compelling content. At the same time, goals are getting steeper and roles harder to fill in a hot economy so every rep must “do more faster” while working as efficiently as possible.

Sell More Consistently with Sales Enablement #

Building a formal sales enablement function is one of the main ways sales leaders will help their teams sell more consistently in the New Year.

Research shows that building a sales enablement function works. Market-leading organizations who invest heavily in sales enablement experience much higher growth than those who do not invest in consistency by doing things like building formal sales enablement functions.

In fact, according to Aberdeen Group, teams that invest in sales enablement see 32% higher quota attainment, 24% better quota achievement, and 23% higher lead to conversion rates.

Should You Build a Sales Enablement Function? #

If your team is struggling with consistencies, here are seven signs that mean it’s time to build a formal sales enablement function now. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does it take your organization a long time to ramp new reps?
  2. Are only a small percentage of your reps consistently hitting quota?
  3. Are your reps able to sell autonomously? Do they require hand-holding well into their second quarter?
  4. Do you sell a complex or high price-point product and need to reduce your sales cycle length (by providing value and education to customers)?
  5. Is your market is highly competitive?
  6. Is your sales process highly consultative and personalized (there is no one size fits all approach)?
  7. Are you experiencing rapid growth and scaling the team quickly?

In-House or Consultant? #

How many did you answer 'yes' to? We typically recommend building an internal function at around 10 people or sooner. You could also outsource sales enablement to a consultancy with experience selling to your market.

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