5 Things Every Sales Leader Should Do

June 29, 2021

Daniel Blaser

Mike McDonough and Liana Meringolo recently sat down to discuss five crucial things that sales leaders can do to help their reps succeed.

While we definitely recommend watching the entire recording, we've collected a handful of key insights (all under one minute!) from their conversation.

Creating a culture of openness starts at the top. Mike and Liana both agree: An empathetic leader is better for their team, which in turn is better for business.

Sometimes the desire to appear productive can overshadow to need to be productive. Leaders should make sure they are giving members of their team the space to be strategic, and avoid the temptation to obsess over vanity metrics.

"The best reps in the world love coaching." As Mike explains, sales leaders shouldn't be concerned that their reps might respond negatively to coaching. On the contrary, top reps embrace the opportunity to improve.

Today's sellers are being asked to do more than ever. Automation is essential to free reps from repetitive tasks and allow them to spend more time selling.

As Liana explains, communication is a two-way street. While it's good to encourage reps to be transparent, sales leaders should set an example by also opening up about their own career goals and aspirations.

Bonus clip!

Ultimately, a team is only as strong as the individuals that comprise it. Leaders should foster an environment of mutual respect, support, and one that draws strength from diverse perspectives.

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