5 Productivity Tips to Increase Your Sales Team's Performance

September 26, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

Working in sales can sometimes be a rollercoaster.

Between phone calls, emails, meetings and juggling the needs of prospects it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned sales pro or just starting your career in business development, the struggle to stay productive is very real.

So, how do you stay on track toward hitting your number without burning out? In this article, we’ll share 5 productivity tips to help you work smarter and hit your quota faster.

5 Tips to Boost Your Sales Team’s Performance #

Salespeople are always strapped for time. And while it’s not possible to add more hours in the day, you can strive to be as efficient as possible in the time you do have.

Below, you’ll find 5 tips to help improve overall productivity so you and your team can spend less time feeling stuck and more time selling.

Sales Tip #1: Make Your To-Do List Realistic #

Writing down tasks for the day is a great way to stay organized. But it’s equally important to make sure that you’re setting realistic expectations with yourself for how much you think you can actually get done. The items on your to-do list should be ranked in order of priority. Ask yourself, “Which one of these tasks is going to get me closer to my quota?”

Then comes the hard part: holding yourself accountable. It’s great to have a to-do list – but what good is it doing if you don’t stick to it? It’s easy to push something off until tomorrow if you don’t get it done today, but that’s how things start to stack up.

If you fall into the habit of pushing tasks off, you’ll find yourself at the end of the month during crunch time trying to do everything all at once. To combat this, make your to-do hyper focused on items that are high priority, and make sure it’s realistic. That way, you’re leaving the office each day feeling accomplished instead of overwhelmed.

Sales Tip #2: Optimize Your Tech Stack #

We know that technology helps employees be more efficient. But at the same time, too much of it can hinder productivity and be distracting to employees. Sales reps need to be smart about what types of software they use and how it affects their output. Tech isn’t going to magically convince a prospect to buy from you, but if used correctly, it can definitely help you be better at your job.

Evaluate your current tech stack and ask yourself if the tools you’re using on a daily basis are helping you hit your goals. If the answer is no, then remove them. Of course there are certain tools, like CRM software, that are essential to the sales process. But if the other software you’re using is causing a distraction or complicating your daily workflow, then it’s best to de-clutter.

Sales Tip #3: Prioritize Prospects That Are Likely to Buy #

One of the most common mistakes sales reps make is chasing prospects that will never buy. It’s easy to fall into this trap, especially since most buyers aren’t usually upfront about how serious they actually are. Both on an individual and team level, this can be a huge source of inefficiency. If you find yourself constantly going the extra mile for prospective buyers, only to have them give you the runaround in the end, it’s time to re-evaluate your selling strategy.

To avoid this, reps need to be diligent about qualifying buyers in the early stages of the sales process. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Ask them for a realistic timeline of when they could potentially buy from you, and be sure to identify any potential blockers that would stop that from happening. If you’re getting the sense the prospect is not serious, then sometimes it’s best to walk away from a deal instead of finding out weeks later that you wasted your time.

Sales Tip #4: View Every Sales Call as a Learning Opportunity #

In sales, no two deals are the same. Every prospective buyer has their own set of unique needs and circumstances that led them to seek out your product or service. This means that every conversation with a prospect is an opportunity to learn something new and improve your current sales tactics.

Remember that a prospect’s time is limited, and if they’re agreeing to meet with you, it’s imperative that you make every second of that call count. Prior to the meeting, identify what objective you’re trying to accomplish and jot it down. Put away any possible distractions that could divert your attention away from the prospect.

Once the meeting is over, look back at the objective you identified earlier and evaluate whether or not you accomplished what you set out to do. By doing this, you can make tweaks to your selling strategy to ensure you’re running the most impactful and productive sales calls possible.

Sales Tip #5: Use Social Media to Your Advantage #

Social media gives salespeople a unique opportunity to connect with prospects on a more personal level. During a time where people are getting flooded with hundreds of different sales pitches each day, using social media to create messaging that is highly personalized can make all the difference in cutting through the noise.

As a research tool, social media is incredibly valuable. It’s likely that most of the prospective buyers that you’re targeting have social profiles where they share what they’re interested in. That doesn’t mean you should request to add all your target prospects on Facebook, but it does mean that you should glance at their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to gain an understanding of what they value.

Use this information to personalize your messaging and find a connection that makes your sales pitch stand out above the rest. Taking an extra 10 minutes to do research on social media will make your sales prospecting more effective in the long run.

A Work in Progress #

Salespeople are used to running a million miles per minute. But sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and evaluate if your efforts are moving you forward or slowing you down. With these tips, you and your team will be on track to being your most efficient selves at work and crushing quota.

Izabelle Hundrev is a Content Marketing Associate at G2. Outside of work, she is passionate about all things pop culture, food, and travel.

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