4 Things Great Sales Coaches Do Differently

December 11, 2018

Shawn Parrotte

There are four things incredible sales coaches have in common and we’ve shared them here.

Chances are we’ve all had at least one incredible sales coach and one pretty bad one. We learned lessons from both of them that led us to go on and develop our own coaching styles, but it’s the incredible one who typically stands out most.

It’s no secret that sellers are devoted to their incredible coaches.

These are the leaders who make us want to go to the ends of the Earth just to close deals for them.

These are the leaders who take us under their wing and inspire us not just with celebrations, a chance to ring the gong, or big commission checks, but because we seek their approval. We want to make them proud and win together.

We want to win for them.

Inspiring us is just something they do.

But they probably weren’t born doing that.

Most incredible sales coaches will tell you they read and study a lot. That sales coaching is an art and science they’ve fine-tuned over several years - often after learning a lot of lessons the hard way.

Here are four things incredible sales coaches do. And if you’re interested in learning more about sales coaching, we’ve written a new guide on this topic to help you coach and inspire quota crushers: The Crazy Busy Sale Leader’s Guide to Coaching.

Provide Clear Direction #

Good coaches know where the ship needs to sail and lead you there by regularly introducing a clear vision and goals. Everyone knows what they’re responsible for and why. And not just KPI's — but higher-order things like your company’s mission.

Create a Winning Game Plan #

Good coaches take complex problems and come up with step-by-step solutions or "plays" that are scalable and repeatable. They don’t get lost in the weeds of individual deals or have to be on every call to help their reps close.

Put People in the Right Roles #

Good coaches know what strengths people bring to the table and apply them in the right roles or help them change roles to bring out the best in their talent. They don’t hire and fire people without looking in the mirror first.

Develop & Inspire People #

Good coaches take a tough, but personal interest in individuals. They inspire you to improve and work hard. They build diverse teams and know how to motivate each person uniquely.

Do you know an incredible sales coach? Tag them in the comments and tell us why they rocked.

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