2020 Sales Coaching Resolutions

January 16, 2020

Sales call coaching and sales tools are all en vogue this season, but it’s easy to get lost on the way to the catwalk. At Tapclicks, frontline sales managers are super passionate about sales coaching styles and using sales tools properly.

These are the top 5 ingredients that I will continue to use in our 2020 recipe for Coaching Success.

1. Prioritize Your Tech Stack - Less is More #

“Without Hustle, Your Talent Will Only Get You So Far.” ― Gary Vaynerchuck

Tech and talent go hand in hand. They make your reps’ job easier and yours as a coach as well.

Tech can show you what you might have missed. With each level of tech you add to your stack, you complicate your methods. If not done well, you may not establish a routine that is repeatable and may not be able to deliver results right away.

Choose your tech that fits your needs and limit “point solutions” as much as you can. Your C-Level will thank you and so will your team when they have 1 less login to remember.

2. Short-Term Laser Focus #

“The One Thing You Want to Focus On Is Getting the Next Meeting.” ― Stephan Schiffman

As a manager, you can give your team goals and objectives for the day. But, ultimately, they are the master of their schedule. Give them a roadmap/plan that is specific, but allows them to own it and build their habits.

Start and end the day with a conversation to touch base. Discuss goals and objectives, top targets, answer questions, and offer reflection.

Between those times to talk, allow them to be guided by their prospects and territory. Schedule mornings as planning and research focused time and empower them to have tunnel vision in call blocks.

This will prevent distractions like email/slack from dominating times where they achieve flow state and also give them time to truly hone in on their follow-up and emails.

Each short term block should build off the previous and establish a repeatable routine that they look forward to while also letting them build those blocks into a house of long term success.

3. Marathon Mindset #

“It's how you start off a curb server, end up a boss. It's how you win the whole thing and lift up a cigar: With sweat drippin' down your face 'cause the mission was hard…” - Nipsey Hustle

Starting out as a BDR or SDR is for the ambitious to try their hand at the hustle. It’s not easy work, but the BDR that thrives is the BDR that keeps their eyes on the prize. They want the checks, they want the President’s Club trophies, they want the full pipeline of deals to close.

There are two types of dreams in life and sales: Passive and Lucid. Your teams have to work towards their goals together. That means that every single day your teams should revisit, reflect, and act on those insights together.

Keeping a marathon mindset can be difficult in a sales org with managers and directors/VPs wanting results today. However, with each small victory and improvement, they have momentum that can be used today, tomorrow, or next quarter.

Have them try to channel a little bit of that positive momentum in each activity to keep their short term and long term goals in line. Be prepared to celebrate your success with piña coladas at the end of it all!

4. Consistency is Key #

“The Start Is What Stops Most People.” ― Don Shula

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. It is hard to get started, but as a coach, you have to be consistent with your team.

Fires, emergencies, and “by the way”s will come up anyway so don’t be tempted to break the routine. You are the captain of the ship and if your team sees your dedication to the process, they will buy into the routine of sales coaching.

The more consistently you do it (and the less you change the process), the easier it will be for them to follow your lead and also see the results!

Leading by example is the biggest key and the more you continue on the journey with the team, the more they will look forward to your sessions!

5. Empower to Build a Coaching Culture #

“If You Put Out What You Truly Believe In, It Will Create the Law of Attraction, and It Becomes Reality.” ― Conor McGregor

We all want our teams to be the top performers of the org and the industry. However, no team comes together overnight.

Coaches cannot just tell their team what to do, we have to demonstrate and show them how to do it. You have to be willing to give a peak behind the curtain and empower your team to not just receive coaching but also give it out as well.

To truly learn, you have to teach. Ensure that your team feels empowered to coach their peers themselves. Even if coaching isn’t in their future, make sure they have the confidence to identify areas to improve within the org.

This will increase buy-in to the tech and time/resources you invested in the team with your coaching efforts. Chorus has an amazing guide that we have used to build our coaching culture.

2020 is a huge year, kicking off an entire decade. Smart investments in tech and initiatives, keeping a long term vision with short term habits and focus, and building off momentum to establish a true coaching culture is a way to ensure success as you move ahead!

Stay in harmony, and always be kicking tail! Your clients, managers, and self will be thanking you for it later!

Author: Anthony Conrad, Director of Sales Operations at Tapclicks, is a well-traveled sales veteran. Cutting his teeth in Bogotá, Colombia in the fin-tech sector, he loves to get to the human element of sales and also helping others to find their own sales voice. When he's not telling bad puns and optimizing his team's performance (in that order) his life involves a lot of hiking trails outside Boston, exploring the less known regions of Latin America, and going down the rabbit hole of Jazz and Funk LP collecting.

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