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Company Leaders Need To Hear What Is Happening In The Field

Chorus is offering to enable a limited version of our Native Conversation Intelligence for Zoom* to qualified enterprise customers for 60 days. Apply for access and our team will reach out to initiate setup. We’re in this together. *Zoom integration required.

Your Secret Weapon for Higher Quota Attainment

30%–50% Gains in Quota Attainment

50%+ Improvement in Win Rate

10%-20% Reduction in Deal Cycle

50% Faster Ramp of New Sales Hires

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Why Chorus?

Neil Scott Insightsquared

Neil Scott

Enterprise Sales Director, InsightSquared

Decrease Ramp Time

“With Chorus, we’ve gotten to a point where the rookies have the same win rates as veterans in less than five months of joining.”

Brooks Pettus Housecall Pro

Brooks Pettus

COO, Housecall Pro

Improve Rep Productivity

“Chorus has helped our sales organization go from good, to great, to excellent in a very short amount of time.”

Chris Pope Engagio

Chris Pope

Product Consulting Director, Engagio

Clone Your Closers

“Being able to scale our best reps’ coaching and learnings through Chorus is just infinitely better than what we did before.”

Top Revenue Teams Use

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