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The best GTM motions in the world start with the best data - and they start with Chorus by ZoomInfo.

The features & capabilities that make Chorus better than alternatives.

On top of automatic call recording, audio transcription, keywords trackers, speaker identification, deal insights, analytics & reporting, you also get:

Accurate Transcriptions

Chorus is 25% more accurate than other players in the market, thanks to our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model, because it learns your business language to get smarter overtime with our custom language model (CLM).

Contextual Trackers (AI Based)

With our Connected Intelligence philosophy, Chorus brings CI insights to the systems your teams already use. Chorus offers advanced APIs embedded into customer workflows as well as enterprise-grade integrations.

Voice Fingerprint & Same Room Speaker Separation

Identifies multiple speakers in the same room to provide real-time, high-quality transcription that can be customized to identify topics that aren’t found in general conversations.

Proactive AI-based Coaching & Deal Recommendations

Chorus provides coaching opportunities that appear on the coaching page and highlight AI-based recommendations for managers to coach on their team.

Advanced Analytics

Allows users to create custom reports and save alerts to get notified each time a specific contextual tracker is mentioned in a new call to stay on top of market trends, competitive intel, product feedback or customer objections.

Connected Intelligence

With our Connected Intelligence Philosophy, Chorus brings CI insights to the systems your teams already use. Chorus offers: - Advanced APIs embedded into customer workflows - Enterprise-grade integrations like Custom Objects in Salesforce and are constantly adding more.

Chorus's real time transcription is amazing. Having the ability to understand immediately what happened in a sales call and dive into it with my reps is just a huge benefit.

Scott Britton

Co-Founder, Troops

14 AI and Machine Learning Patents

All models and algorithms are built by an in-house team of experts, ensuring our technology is superior than any other vendor (the closest holds only 3 patents).

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