Introducing the Conversation Cloud™

Don't let

another conversation disappear

into thin air.


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Because your CRM is only telling half the story is built to help top sales and revenue teams like yours stand-out is the market leading Conversation Cloud, built to securely capture, store and analyze your team's calls and meetings so your team can focus on what really matters: your customers and your business.

Unlock the Conversation Cloud

Enhanced visibility into your team's most critical asset

Only 5% of information on customer facing calls ever make it into the CRM. is the first platform built for you to capture all customer facing conversations to seamlessly search, share, and analyze these critical moments.

Drive 30% increases in team performance

AI powered insights to increase team productivity

Chorus's proprietary algorithms are trained on the collective learnings of the top B2B revenue teams, as well as your team's own best practices to help shorten ramp times, increase close rates, and maintain performance at scale.