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Transform all your sales conversations into intelligence – learn what works to close more deals
We founded Chorus to understand what influences conversation outcomes. Today, almost all of those conversations and the insights your conversations contain are forgotten the second they end, except for the few notes captured in your CRM. Our technology makes it easy to learn from and influence the thousands of conversations your team has.
"Chorus is helping us take the guesswork out of the sales process by allowing us to map data to specific outcomes — ultimately shortening sales cycles, improving win rates and beating competitors"
Kevin McCoySales Director, Marketo
"Coaching and training our sales team is one of the biggest investments we make at AdRoll. Chorus ensures we get a return on that investment, and allows us to coach and train at scale.”
Sam Trachtenberg VP of Operations, AdRoll
"We're hiring hundreds of sales reps at Qualtrics this year. Chorus is a key part of helping our managers make each and every one of them successful, and allowing reps to take their development into their own hands.
Charlie Besecker Head of Global Enablement, Qualtrics
"We're tripling the size of our team this year. Chorus helps me scale coaching and learning opportunities amongst my team and increase call conversions. My reps also love it also for team collaboration. They made a Slack channel called "Chorus" where they post their call recordings to get feedback from their peers and management or share calls they converted. "
Nicolette Mullenix Global Sales Development, Dynamic Signal
“Upon joining Datanyze, Chorus was my first technology investment. Chorus delivers call intelligence across our entire customer experience - from Marketing to Customer Success. For the first time, we’re able to leverage data to make decisions on live customer interactions.”
Daniel Barber VP of Sales, Datanyze
"No manager, coach, sales enabler has the time to listen to live phone calls or review recorded phone calls... I believe has taken meaningful steps to correct this challenge."
Mark Kosoglow VP Sales,
"We've been able to reduce our rep ramp time by 50% using Chorus. Our new AE was doing great discovery and demo calls by the end of his first week in the role. He was not only new to the role but also new to the industry. By learning from the moments and calls he reviewed in Chorus, he already has two contracts out for signatures in his 2nd full week.”
Pukar Hamal
Head of Sales, Teamable
"Developing my team is one of the most impactful things I can do as manager, but sitting in on calls isn't scalable. Chorus makes it easy for us to find, share and learn from what's working. It changes how we have conversations."
Alex Kilby Director of Sales, Bizible
"Chorus allows me to make better use of my time monitoring and coaching sales calls - instead of wasting countless hours monitoring calls and waiting for prospects to pick up, I'm able to quickly navigate my team's calls for any given day and provide them with timely and actionable feedback”
Matt Johnson Director of Sales, FarmLogs
“Getting Chorus up and running was super easy, the reps say this is the easiest sales product they’ve ever used. The conversation analytics and searchable transcripts make coaching conversations more efficient, engaging and impactful. And the integration with Salesforce is awesome.”
Chris Hollister Director of Sales, AppAcademy
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Why Use Chorus?

X-Ray Your Calls & Meetings
Chorus uses AI to record, transcribe and analyze your meetings in real-time, revealing why deals are won and lost.
Improve Quota Attainment
Understand a 1 hour call in 5 minutes,
so you can quickly figure out how to move a deal forward and deliver actionable feedback for improvement.
Ramp New Hires Faster
Build custom training programs
using highlight reels of your best reps' best moments, like handling common objections and selling against competitors
“Chorus is a must-have in every inside sales technology stack.”
Matt Cameron
Managing Partner, SalesOps Central

Who Uses Chorus?

Account Executives

Focus on the meeting, let Chorus take the notes for you. Chorus automatically identifies important moments like Next Steps, Pricing, Pain Points, and more, making follow-up and hand-offs a breeze.
Perfect Follow-Up

Frontline Managers

Coach effectively without shadowing calls. Chorus does the heavy lifting of listening and analyzing for you, making pipeline review more impactful and coaching more scalable.
Coach at Scale

VPs of Sales

Improve win rates, quota attainment, and ramp time. Chorus delivers critical insights on deal outcomes that take the guesswork out of training, coaching and managing your team.
Unlock Critical Insights
Joseph Harper
Account Executive, Qualtrics

Tired of Shadowing Calls?

Let Chorus do the heavy lifting. Learn what actually works.
Coach on what really matters. Close more deals & ramp faster.
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