Coaching & Ramping

The Backbone of Effective Coaching

Convert the voice of the customer into your most potent coaching asset

Solution hero coaching

AI-Curated Playlists of Best Calls

Chorus’ advanced AI curates playlists of your team’s best calls, important moments, critical deals, etc. Build your own playlists based for ramping new reps and coaching the team. Use Chorus to keep playlists updated with the latest calls.

Run Successful Coaching Programs with Scorecards

Delight reps, managers, and sales enablement with robust Coaching Programs. Easily implement multiple initiatives with custom scorecards. Managers score calls and add personalized feedback. Reps work on low-score skills, learn from high-score calls and track improvement over time.

Track specific themes

Track Specific Themes Across Conversations

Use AI-identified themes or custom-defined trackers to identify key call moments for reviewing calls, planning next steps, customer handoffs, or checking process compliance. Set up trackers for competitive, features, or people names and get email alerts when they pop up in a call.

Measure Sales Process Adoption

Build any view of your own or your team’s meetings. Get visibility into conversations so you can check if your reps are following sales processes. Identify which reps need your help and with what.

Coach Anytime, Anywhere

Chorus Mobile helps you listen to playlists of important calls, comment on coach-able moments and get others to help your reps — all from the dentist’s office or during the drive back home.